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New year... stories

aditeeadhikariI'm the one who imagine
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My first post ,a poem on the occasion of new year!

New year...

by aditeeadhikari

I put my pen of actions down ,last night of 31st, And shut my experiences of 2016 . To open a new diary of experiences with burst, Of laughter,joys to be seen.

I decorated the first blank page , With borders of new year cake, And filled my pen with ink of expectations. And wrote the heading introspecting myself with patience...

I know there is no looking back, This new book wants itself to be filled with love and care, And to improve that I lack..

So I wrote the first blank with care, I enjoyed every moment ,and every joy I shared.

But what should be the resolution? My pen stopped! And my mind found a solution..

To take a resolution daily, To rejuvenate and improve everyday.. To introspect gladly, And to become a better person day after day.

I reached the last line and was ready to put my pen down , For the end of the day, And I re-read the moments , And felt happy and gay..

And looked forward to new day, A new page , New thoughts to be written. To make best book in the world! Full of inspirations...

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