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THE BURNING HOUSE Spaghetti was the dish,


Spaghetti was the dish,

He liked the most.

But a Day came through,

When he couldn't even swallow a piece of toast.

Mother tried everything everything she could,

So did the Father.

Even after numerous efforts,

The result was still not better.

Day came when Father had to,

Stuff his son's mouth with bread.

But there was something too,

Which even a Father couldn't get.

After they all had supper,

Something he couldn't turn down.

Spaghetti with a little pepper,

But the night was about to turn upside down.

The stove was left on,

Just an honest foul.

But as the fire kissed on,

It tried to burn every soul.

The Father alerted his wife and son,

Before it could get any ugly.

They wanted to make it out with their son,

But the Fire had now became deadly.

As the husband and wife,

Made out of the House.

They saw their child,

Still inside the house.

When they looked at his room,

Burning into flames.

They realised something,

That their lives were nothing but a shame.

For all they could see was,

Their son surrounded by the flames,

Trying to overcome his Fear,

By lightning his room's Candle Flames.

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