The Prophet #2 - What do I really want?
The Prophet #2 - What do I really want? thoughts stories

adiasreino "To define is to limit" - Oscar Wilde
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What do you really want? Think, feel. What are the things that give you life? Adventure, love, beauty, compassion, family... Tell me, tell me everything.

The Prophet #2 - What do I really want?

What do I want?

I want to fly. Fly out of this prison that is my mind. Fly out and see the world. As it is.

No filter, no judgement.

I want to feel the pain and the joy of people. Raw and true. As it is.

I want to feel the sun burning my skin while the wind carresses me, my hair floating in the air.

I want to run, scream, laugh, cry. I want to be free. As I am.

"What holds you back?" asked the Prophet. Doubt and fear hold me down. "Where do they come from?" I don't know. I let myself get too comfortable in my own despair.

I want to live. Here, now. And with every breath I take, I want to feel the warmth flowing through my body, like a beam of light, surrounding and embracing me.

Loving me the way I hope to one day love myself.

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