The drunk and the thoughtful
The drunk and the thoughtful stories

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Just some story that came into my mind... while thinking about someone...

The drunk and the thoughtful

He raises his hand towards the vase, takes the flower out of it, then he starts ripping apart its petals one by one, while fredonating, “she loves me, she loves me not...”.

His friend on the other side of the table is eying him, a bit stupefied, wondering what’s gotten into his pal all of a sudden.

As he reaches for the last petal, he takes it off with satisfaction and he shouts, but not aloud: “She loves me!

”, he stares at the undressed flower in his hand, then turns his view towards his friend and says, sighing: “and yet she doesn’t love me ”.

The man on the other side of the table starts scratching the back of his head, not knowing what to make out of the peculiar situation.

He turns his view on the empty flower once more, and then drops it, while repeating: “She doesn’t love me, Aidan...”

Aidan watches him still, clueless as ever, his hands hugging the glass. He then widens his eyes and his mouth twists into a dissatisfied pose, as if he tasted something bad:

“Her again!? Really Vince? I thought you settled that....”

“Yeah, I know… I thought so too...”, he spoke, his eyes dropping with slight bitterness.

Aidan rolls his eyes, obviously he’s been acquaintanced with this subject before. He talks:

“I’ve got a feeling this is gonna be tonight’s subject… ”

“I don’t… I don’t know why I want to talk about this again… it’s not what I intended...”

“See, that’s why I take them only for a night Vince, only one night!”, Aidan said while taking a sip.

“Yeah well, the fact that you ask them <<Who the fuck are you?

>> the next morning you wake up near them really explains everything to me Aidan… ”, Vince said bored while following his friend’s lead and taking a sip too.

Aidan puts both his hands over the table and moves his upper body towards his friend telling:

“I have a short memory...”

“You get as drunk as a whale actually...”, Vince responded not buying his friend’s words…

“Debatable...”, he continued while having another drink.

“I want to… kill her… I tried so many times...”, Vince said.

Aidan spills his drink, exclaiming:


“Metaphorically, you moron… I mean I want to stop thinking about her...”

“Well say so, don’t give me all this psycho bullshit… giving me chills for nothing...”, Aidan told resuming his drink…

“Yet at the same time, somehow… I don’t want to...”

“You don’t want to what?”, Aidan said raising an eyebrow.

“Are you even following what I’m saying?”, irritation took over Vince.

Aidan slams the drink on the table, replying:

“Of course I do! I got nothing better to do except listening to you…” , he then makes a poker face and tells him: “seriously, I got nothing better to do… ”

Vince wants to say something but his friend goes ahead:

“... cause if I did, as sure as hell I wouldn’t be here talking about her all over again...”

“Makes sense… ”, Vince said turning his head to the right…

“That all you gonna say? Damn! I was expecting a shitstorm, really...”, Aidan said.

“No, I won’t press you with it… I got it just fine...”

“Damn, twice in a row now… what’s happened to you? It’s not like you to talk such common sense things… ”.

“Fuck you, you asshole! ”, Vince said bursting in a slight laugh.

Aidan raises his hand for the waiter to notice him:

“Hey, my man, can you bring us another two?”

“Sure thing sir!”, the waiter said.

“Thanks a bunch!”, Aidan replied back. He then turns towards his bud again, who’s watching to the side… melancholy took him over again…

“I will never understand… how can you be so thoughtful when you’re drunk… I never make it...” Aidan said smiling…

“Maybe because… I’m not drunk...”, Vince spoke rhetorically.

“Fuckin’ liar...”, Aidan said subtly, while taking another sip and smiling at his friend… he wanted to be heard…

Vince just smiles, while thinking somewhere else again. Aidan, noticing, turns his head to the side too and speaks:

“You’re leaving me hopeless, I tell ya… It seems my feeling was right… So why do you still want to think about her… or whatever you were blabbering there just before...”

“Cause’ I’m fuckin’ stupid, that’s why… you know like… when you do something, out of which you already know that it’s really likely that you’ll come out harmed, but you still want to do it!”

Aidan raises his eyebrows:

“Huh?”, he says stupid. “Actually no, we’re getting a bit philosophical here… fine, fine… I can play this game… I think...

I know what you mean… It’s like when I kept jumping off that bridge when I was a kid… I mean… I knew I would eventually break my leg… but yeah… I didn’t stop.”

Vince palms his face, he then takes a long sip of beer and speaks:

“Yeah… well… kind of… you know… but”, he then looks Aidan in the eyes and reminds himself that he’s not the brightest person he knows, so he gives in: “yes Aidan, just like that...”

Aidan drinks, satisfied with the answer. Vince drinks too, not so… satisfied.

“That’s what makes us human, I tell you… wanting something, even if it harms us, we refuse to believe it will harm us, we reduce it to a mere possibility...”

Aidan watches him a bit seriously, then says:

“Don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!”

Vince sighes, smiling and then replies:

“You are a dumb fuck...”

“Just because I don’t get it?”, he says while drinking.

Vince rubs his hand against forehead, then goes on explaining:

“I keep thinking about her, knowing that I might end up harmed, while trying to convince myself that it will all be good actually...”

“Oh, oh, I see now, again… why don’t you say so? Why give me all this melodramatic bullshit… See? You always do this… can’t you just say it what you have to say, like everyone else does?”

“No… ”, he says simply, raising the mug to drink, not bothering to explain himself more to his friend.

“Alright, so let’s see, you like thinking about her, she doesn’t like thinking about you, I’d say you’re on minus here… ”

“There it is, the limit of your intellectual capabilities...”, Vince replied.

“Hey, am I the one who’s lying to himself here?”

Vince gets back to repel the attack, but then stops with his mouth clinging, he knows Aidan is right this time so he drops it.

Aidan watches a bit, satisfied, then starts blabbering again:

“I don’t even know what you’ve seen in her, like for real… she doesn’t even have a proper pair of boobs...”

Vince raises his head, then stares into his friend eyes with seriousness.

“What?”, Aidan asks, unaware why his pal reacted like that.

“Sometimes I wonder why the fuck do I even try to talk to you about these things… ”

“Got anyone else who would listen to it?”

Vince raises his eyebrows and nods his head to the sides while drinking.

“Thought as much!”, Aidan said.

Vince drops his chin on the table, he studies the mug of beer in front of him.

“Beer sure is nice man… I wish I could drink a sea of beer sometimes… or well… anything that has alcohol really… except for gin … gin fuckin’ sucks… ”

“I like gin...”, Aidan said, innocently.

“Shut the fuck up...”, Vince responded, not so innocently.

“Let’s just get drunk… got day off tomorrow… ”

“Yeah, well, you see, problem is, I work tomorrow... oh right, I just recalled that I don’t give a fuck. WAITER!?”, Aidan shouted.

The waiter brings more drinks. Aidan raises the mug:

“To your suffering, my friend, may your heart, eh… may your heart find something… unlikely as it is… and to my… well… I just like drinking actually… ”

“Fuck you Aidan...”

They cheer and then proceed to drink.

Three hours have passed, precisely, three hours and thirty seven minutes.

Aidan stares at Vincent, mouth half-opened, he’s so drunk he can’t even blink properly, he’s closing one eye at a time. He shouts then:


“What <<what?>>”, Vince asks back.

“Vince man… I love you...”

Vince stares at him a bit, then answers:

“I haven’t reached that stage of drunkenness... ”

Aidan twists his head to the side…

“So, you don’t love me?”

“I didn’t say that...”

“You’re thinking about that bitch again, aren’t you?” Aidan said, with one eye closed.

“Dude… come on... “, Vince replied.

“Come on what?”, Aidan said, barely managing to tie the words between them.

He then imitates his friend’s earlier performance, pretending he has a flower in his hands: “She loves me! Bleh! She loves me not! Bleh!

”, he pauses staring at Vince and then continues: “who the fuck cares? Fuck her… you got me… I care… Does she listen to your shit? No! Do I?

Fuckin’ yes!”, Aidan spoke as he gesticulated in the most bizarre ways.

Vince leans his elbow against the table, and his head against his palm. He smiles…

“We should go!”

“You should go! Fuck you! I’m only getting started...”, Aidan said.

“I have to get your sorry ass to work tomorrow… come on… ”

The waiter starts making signs to Aidan to keep it quiet. Aidan smiles at him, raising a hand that he understands, while actually saying: “Fuck you too!”

Vince giggles.

Aidan then stands up:

“Come on, let’s go, these fuckers won’t let me have it my way anyway.”

“I’ll go pay...”, Vince said.

As he pays the waiter, a boom propagates in the bar and as Vince heard it he palmed his face because he already knew what happened. Aidan fell on a table.

Aidan lifts up, raises his hand and says:


He then makes two more steps and falls on another table.

“Fucking moron...”, Vincent said watching him. He then counts some money and gives it to the waiter: “Here, for the tables too... ”, he then rushes towards Aidan.

He grabs him takes his arm over his back and leave the place.

As they walk…

“Not one… but two… two fucking tables… what the fuck’s the matter with you?”

“What’re you talking about?”, Aidan watches him confused.

Vincent doesn’t even watch him anymore, he just focuses on the road ahead:

“Nevermind, let’s just get home...”

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