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Something that happened to me around 2010.

Musical memory

I almost never took the subway home when I was in highschool; and when I did, I was never by myself. But not that time. That time was different.

I was alone, and bored, observing everyone around me to let time go by. That was until that melody started playing.

A very beautiful, soothing, simple piano tune that sounded very familiar to me, but I couldn't manage to put my finger on it.

I had no idea where I'd heard it before, but I didn't want it to end. The nostalgic music hipnotized me to the point that I almost missed my station.

I hummed it on the train station and on the buss, all the way to my stop.

When I got out of the buss, I started running home. I oppened the door, rushed inside, ran upstairs, threw my backpack and keys on the floor next to my piano, and I started playing.

I was hopping that I could play it correctly from memory; and I actually did. Slowly, but steadily, the notes from my memory were translating into the keys.

"Maybe I could go visit my old piano teacher and play it for him, see if he knows it", I thought. I needed to learn it's name, and quick, for the sake of my mental health.

I forgot to eat lunch, say hi to my grandma, do homework, eat dinner...

I just sat there on my leather stool, playing for hours, so concentrated that I didn't realize when my mother got home and stayed midway down the stairs, listening to my musical flailing.

"Where did you learn that?". She said, utterly disconcerted; suddenly breaking my concentration.

I told her what was going on, to what she only replied: "holly shit", and then stormed into the studio.

After a couple of minutes, she came out with an old CD case in her hands, wich was covered in dust and had a post-it with something written on it.

"I used to play that every day when I was pregnant with you".

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