adelinefeckerDeep thoughts over coffee...
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One of my favorites! Please enjoy!


Poetry by adelinefecker


I will not let you write your own melody over my silence.

Your notes are wrong.

Your rhythm- a fantasy.

You play symphonies over your destruction,

you conduct orchestras to drown out your emotions,

you compose a gavotte called “perfect”.

And when someone’s bow slips or they step on the wrong beat you make them


I wish I never met you

I let your song entangle me,

became so attached I nearly died when you left me in the cold. Waved your wand and stopped the music.

I will not let you write your own melody over my silence,

now I dance to my own beat.

Composed an aria unbeatable in its triumph.

A song far more interesting and multifaceted than yours will ever be.

I will sell out every venue in this city until everyone can hum its tune.

Then I'll be free of you.

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@bernardtwindwil @michaelschulze Thank you guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the metaphor!

bernardtwindwilGifted WriterGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
What do you mean prose? This was a fantastic example of free verse. It was so lyrical. Beautiful example of how words can be used to float a tempo. The word choice told a story of a triumphant phoenix rising from the ashes of a toxic relationship. This was excellent. The message was so magnificent that I am blown away by the wisdom. It brings to mind a song by Linda Ronstadt, "You and I are Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum". Great post!!!!!!!!

9 months agoReply
In the end we must all conduct our own music and dance to our own songs if we are to live our own lives the way we need to great poem