I will learn Part 1
I will learn
Part 1 love stories

adelinefecker Deep thoughts over coffee...
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I will learn (Part 1) by Adeline Fecker... to be continued...

I will learn Part 1

Prose by adelinefecker

You tip toed around me like I was some sort of china doll.

No more piercing eye contact or long conversations. Not for me. You treat me like I’m too delicate. Like you’re trying not to drop me. But you still break my heart anyways.

Maybe you just can’t see it.

I want to be cool with everything that is happening. But when I shrug my shoulders I quake with tears flooding my insides. I will learn.

I will learn how to be strong,

what to tell people when they ask. I will learn how to act and not give the plot away. I will learn how to smile about this. I will learn to be happy for you.

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