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adelinefecker Deep thoughts over coffee...
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I wish you were able to see me in all my dimensions, but you couldn't. So I left.


prose by adelinefecker

I am a three dimensional person

The fact that you look at me and see only a one dimensional object is not a problem with me

But a problem with you

But I am not upset with you for being blind

I am upset that you made me believe I was a paper doll instead of a person

That I believed your flattened view of my body

Over the truth i knew in my heart

I am a three dimensional person

yet you wrote me off as a short list of adjectives in your head

I was merely an object of few descriptions​

so you thought you could treat me like one

I am a three dimensional person

and I looked at you in all your twisted and misshapen lines and I painted you with every color I knew

I wish I knew I was a masterpiece too

I wish I knew I was more than the things you told me I was

And that's why I left you

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