Be Yourself

adeldmeyerCommunity member
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Be yourself. That statement can be overrated in this crazy world we live in.

Be Yourself

by adeldmeyer

Why is it so hard to be yourself?

We are afraid of rejection, judgement or hate.

How do you live with yourself?

I accept that the choices I make are the best choices for that moment. Being kind to myself is a daily task in this cruel cold world.

If I just fit in it's easy!

Don't stand out and join the rat race.

Are you ever just yourself?

Yes. When I'm alone I'm my own best friend. My thoughts, dreams and desires can breathe.

What advice do you have?

Do what you have to do to survive in this crazy crazy world. If it means wearing a mask sometimes - so be it!

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a year agoReply
I like the line "I am my Best Friend when I am alone." Only when I am alone I can see clearly who I really am.

a year agoReply
amazinggg post! Often times we need to just Be ourselves!

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
"I accept that the choices I make are the best choices for that moment" is so overlooked. We make choices every day and often times in retrospect we wonder if we made the right decision. But the truth is that knowing what we knew then, we made the best choice for that moment