Our Words Matter
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adelaide549 Community member
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the shortest of stories...the smallest of insults....Our words matter

Our Words Matter

Our words matter

What we say is heard

What we write is read

What we sing is played

Say the smallest of things

You’ll have the smallest effects

Say the grandest of things

You’ll have the grandest effects

Say something simple

Something is done

Say something complex

Something will change

They shortest of stories

Or the dullest of songs

Can change a life

But the most touching stories

And the most harmonious song

Will change the world

You speak to a crowd

You change a town

You speak to a nation

You change a thousand lives

Our words matter

Our truths and out lies

Hateful words and sweet praises

Someone will always hear

The smallest of insults could take a life

Just as the smallest praises can save one

Everything we say has an effect

Everything we mumble is another step

In the direction of another destruction

Or their redemption

Our words matter

They have the power to hurt

They have the power to heal

The power to scar

And the power to save

With one word

We could ruin a life

With another

We could make everything right

With two words

We can end the world

With two more

We can save it

What we say

Can change the course of fate

How we say it changes life itself

Our words matter

They’re heard

They’re read

They’re played

Listened to and felt

What do you have to say.

Will you change the world

Will you end it instead

What you say matters

What i say matters

Our words ALWAYS matter.


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