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she hides her smile......the brightness it holds....the joy it can bring....hiding her sweet face


She hides her smile

She smothers her laugh

She changes her hair

She hides her face

Covers her arms

“They’re to skinny”, she thinks

Hiding the beauty everyone else sees

Filled with self-loathing and disbelief

The voice she hears tells a different tale

Convincing her she’s not good enough

When she smiles

It’s towards the ground

No one's ever seen

The brightness it holds

“My teeth are to crooked”, she quietly cries

Staring at her reflection in the still lake

When she laughs

It’s forced silent by her sleeve

Not a soul has heard

the joy it can bring

“It’s too loud”, she helplessly screams

Talking to the bees as they buzz by

She irons her hair

Hiding its dancing waves

No one remembers how

It danced with the wind

“It’s to messy”, she brokenly mumbles

Whispering to the pale grass on the ground

She keeps her head bowed

Hiding her sweet face

No one recalls what

Youthful beauty it held

“I look like a child”, she sobbingly gasped

Her tears dripping into the stillness below

She wears long sleeves upon her arms

Hiding their delicate appearance

Not a person remembers

How gracefully the used to swing

She hears that voice inside once more

Telling her there’s still more

She needs to change

Before she’s worth their praise

“You’re not slim enough”, it tauntingly whispers

“You’re too plain”, it mockingly coo’s

“You are nothing special”, it hatefully hisses

“I know”,she whispered

“I hear you”, she cries

“Change me’, she screams

“Make me who i need to be”, she gasps brokenly

She brokenly clutches the roots of her hair

Her nails like daggers, digging in

She feels something slick and sticky

Sliding through the strands

Drip, drip

Down it falls

Bright crimson tears

They tumble down

Mixing with the water below

They fall faster

Her whimpers change,

Now earth shattering sobs

The voices words echoing around her head

“Too plain... Nothing special… not slim”

She holds her trembling form

Taking one gasping breath after the other

Listening helplessly as the voice drawls on

She knows it’s right

She needs to change

She’s broken and wrong

Drowning in unending pain

Burning with unyielding hate

She claws at her skin

She claws at her skin Breaking through

She claws at her skin Breaking through Layer after layer

The waters turned crimson

But the voice keeps telling her

“Faster, faster!”,

“Soon you’ll be perfect”

“Just one more time”

Darker and darker the water turns

Her sobs lessen as each layer subsides

Finally she whispers, in the hopeless quiet surrounding her

“Am I perfect now”

Brokenly she lies down

No more tears to cry

The voice has gone

But his words still linger

Echoing in her head

One last thought

Before she feels the darks warm embrace

“I’m perfect now”

Echoing inside

She drifts towards nyx’s warm embrace


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