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adegirly i'll never fit in
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I am in love now.


I dreamed about this feeling for so long

I tried to make it happen

I forced love on myself

But it would never truly happen.

It feels so nice, so warm and true

So beautiful and yet so simple

It feels like peace.

I found peace with myself thanks to you,

I'm glad I found you.

I care about myself now,

I'm glad I love you.

I was so stupid thinking I could be something else

I had the happiness in front of me

All these years

But I kept on hurting, stupidly.

I'm sorry it took so long, but

I'm glad I trusted you.

This happiness is on another level

Never felt like this.

Never thought it was true

But I was still waiting for it.

I'm glad I am in love with you,

I couldn't have fallen for somebody better.

It's scary how much your love made me love myself too

It's scary how much love I have yet for you,

After all the heartbreak I did upon myself.

The pain I caused myself could never be healed by nobody,

Except my best friend.

I'm prepared for a whole new world and

I'm glad I am with you.

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