The Bakery |Draco Malfoy Oneshot|
The Bakery |Draco Malfoy Oneshot| malfoy stories

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Please read with a british accent. Thank you.

The Bakery |Draco Malfoy Oneshot|

*This is inspired by an imagine i saw on pinterest*

"All set." You had just finished setting up your shop. You recently opened a bakery in Diagon Alley and today was your grand opening.

You heard a ring from the door, signalling a customer. "(Y/N)! What a lovely bakery!" Your former classmates exclaimed as they admired the small details that contributed to the big picture. Beautiful floral designs were draped over the walls.

Your day was filled with hard working. The bakery was a huge success. You didn't think It would work out, considering there was competition. Pansy Parkinson's family had opened a bakery and pastry store not too far from yours when they found out you were going to open one as well.

They were driven by the notion that no muggle borns should ever have successful careers. That didn't stop you though. You were about to clean up and head home, when you heard the doorbell ring, and a few men walked in.

You felt a bit intimidated, so you decided to send them on their way. "I'm sorry gentlemen, but I'm closing up for today." The men laughed. "You can squeeze in a few more customers before you leave, can't you?" You didn't want to cause any trouble.

"Y-yes, of course sir. What would you like?" "You. C'mon (y/l/n), One night only." You felt disgusted by the man. "No thank you, sir. I am going to have to ask you to leave." "And just who do you think you are, telling us to leave?"

"Get out Jones." The men started walking towards you, as your back hit the counter, trapping you between them. He was getting uncomfortably close. You reached for your wand, but he grabbed your arm before you could.

He inched closer and closer to you, making you defenseless. You heard the door ring, signalling someone entering. "Let her go, Jones." Jones let you go to see who the visitor was.

"Why if it isn't our favorite snobby Slytherin rich boy." Draco Malfoy stepped forward, his signature scowl adorning his face. "Why are you involving yourself with her? Wait till I tell Parkinson you try to spend the night with muggle-borns."

Jones looked taken aback before returning Malfoy's scowl. "Why don't you call her what she really is? Mudblood?" You flinched. Before Malfoy could respond, you took the chance to punch Lones in the stomach, grab your wand, and knock them all back.

They all ran out, not before sending one last glare at the two of you. "Thank you for helping, Mr. Malfoy." You smiled. He returned it. "Please, call me Draco."

"Would you like to try some of the bread? It's the least I can do." You said as you puled out a basket for him. But when you looked up, he had his mouth open, waiting for a piece of bread.

You shyly fed him a piece of bread before looking away quickly while he ate it.

"You did a good job. I mean the bread." He licked his lips. "I hope to see you soon." And with that he left, leaving you a flustered mess.

Thanks for reading! This was requested idek how long ago. Hope you liked it!

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