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Just an unhelpful guide to meet ENHYPEN

Get to know ENHYPEN!

Enhypen is a 7 member newly emerging kpop group formed by Belift Lab, a joint venture between the entertainment companies CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment. The band is composed of: Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki.

1: Heeseung

-Eldest member - 19 -POW POW VOCALS and hot -He's close to TXT because he used to train with them -he was a trainee under BigHit -his english is pretty good because he studied to go to a foreign language school - birthday: October 15, 2001 (I think he's my bias but he has competition)

2: Jay

-vocal line -was a trainee under BigHit -He was born in Seattle Washington but moved to South Korea when he was nine - full name is Jay Park (ik, we got two now😂) - learnt Japanese from anime and how to massage(?) by watching videos -DANCING KINg - born April 20, 2002 (age 18)

3: Jake (the competition mentioned in Heeseungs slide)

-vocals on point - CuTe AuStRaLiAn - daddy I mean- 18 years old and innocent - family is rich - top of his math class -Likes to work out😏 -loves dogs and has them😭 -played violin and soccer😍 -cute but clumsy😥 UwU same minus the cute part u feel me - born November 15, 2002

I think we have a winner so introducing my bias:

It's Jake.


- visual king -professional figure skater(no fr he's an ice prince read the next thing) - was a BigHit trainee -has a doggo - ideal type is Red Velvet's Irene (this bitch has taste) - had lazy eye when he was younger ( I still have it😑😪) - born Dec. 8 2002 (age 18)


5: Sunoo

-aegyo KING - he was pretty popular in middle school. He was class president and people called him 'handsome oppa' - born June 24, 2003 (age 17) - he loves disney movies, scented candles, mellow music, mood lighting, basically he is a whole aesthetic

6: Jungwon

-born Feb 9, 2004 (age 16) -leader - his favorite I-land memory is seeing jay sleep with his eyes open(?) - his name means 'garden' in Korean - was a BigHit trainee - huge jungkook stan - his birthday is on the same day as Chungha and NCT's Johnny

Lastly, 7: Ni-Ki

-born December 9 2005 ( age 15) - loves Michael Jackson - was a backup dancer for Shinee on one stage -BTS‘ J-Hope, SEVENTEEN‘s The8, Doobu and BigHit choreographer Son Sungdeuk praised him for his dancing skills -MAKNAE - his birthday is one day after Sunghoon's

So that's all for now. I was thinking of doing something to help you learn their names if you guys want lemme know. Also plz stan them. Some of this info is pre-debut so if something is outdated or incorrect lemme know. This bitch is out.✌


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