Confession |Baekhyun Imagine pt. 6| (short chapter)
Confession |Baekhyun Imagine pt. 6| (short chapter) confession stories

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As the footsteps neared you whipped around, holding the blade out in front of you.

Confession |Baekhyun Imagine pt. 6| (short chapter)

You were walking a mere two blocks to the nearest convenience store. The moon peered behind thick layers of cloud, giving you light where the burned-out street lights hadn’t. You knew someone was following you.

You held the small switchblade at the end of your keychain tightly, a small sense of relief washing over you as you realized your paranoia was not in vain. As the footsteps neared you whipped around, holding the blade out in front of you.

He wasn’t one of them. But, you realized as the man pulled a handgun from the back of his pants, he might just as well have been. Being ill prepared to defend yourself against a gun, you were rendered helpless.

"Hey sweetheart,” The old man chuckled, the alcohol on his breath reaching you even from the distance that separated the two of you. “You’re gonna put that little toy of yours down, and you’re not gonna put up a fight.” You didn't move.

The man frowned, chambering the round of his gun. "Do you wanna die? Do you, bitch?” You clenched your fists, trembling in place as you held your ground. “Alright then, bit-”

A black figure whizzed right past you as the man’s yell was silenced, replaced by a sickening gurgle. You stumbled backwards in shock as you realized that someone was now on top of the man, piercing his neck and draining the life from his eyes almost instantaneously.

Immediately, you recognized who- no- what it was. Soon, the old man’s feet had stopped twitching, and the dark figure stood to his feet. Slowly, he turned to you. His eyes were glowing a bright, almost neon red.

And yet, there was almost a sense of familiarity within them. A sense of... safety. Then, just as soon as he had came, he vanished.

And you were alone.

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