Boy Meets Evil - Ch. 3
Boy Meets Evil - Ch. 3
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"I know I am asking for a lot. But your kids need you. They need a mother too.” Hoseok stopped in his tracks and let out a shaky breath.

Boy Meets Evil - Ch. 3

J-Hope's POV Hoseok closed the file and placed it in his bag. He let Jimin know he was leaving and walked out. “Jisoo, tomorrow please help Jin with the training. He needs to train them on their ability to think on their feet, and you’re way better than him at it.” Jisoo chuckled and nodded.

“How are Aera and Sunho? I have been missing them. The offer is always up you know.” Jisoo grinned. “Thanks Ji, but with all due respect, I need someone with a certain skillset, and I can’t put you in danger like that.” Hoseok replied. “I understand. I hope you find a good one.” Jisoo lightly smiled and walked out.

Hoseok sighed and drove home. When he opened the door to his house, he was greeted by screams from upstairs. He dropped his suitcase and ran up, only to find his kids in their pajamas.

“Appa!” Aera yelled and ran up, jumping up to hug her father. He laughed and squeezed her. “Sunho! Appa’s here! Come on!” Hoseok turned to Sunho to find him looking the opposite direction with a pout and his arms folded.

“Aww, what did I do this time Sunny?” Hoseok walked over to the boy and knelt so they were the same height. “You said you’d help me with my baseball practice. But you came home too late.” Hoseok immediately felt guilty.

“I’m sorry Sunho. I’ll make it up to you I promise. But you know my job is very demanding.” Sunho looked up.

“Can I work for you someday Appa?” “Ooh me too!” Hoseok chuckled. “Goodnight loves.”

“Kim Jisoo called. Tried to get me to convince you to hire her.” Yeon Ha said as she brought Hoseok a plate of food. “I can’t let her. I know she loves them, but I can’t put her in danger too. Jin would kill me.” Hoseok muttered the last part. Yeon Ha sighed.

“Maybe you should consider getting to know her. She might be a good r-” “Replacement? I’m sorry Yeon Ha but I can never replace her. Plus, Jisoo was close with her. It would be too unjust. I don’t see anything romantically in Jisoo anyway.”

“Hobi-ssi.” Yeon Ha said in a caring voice. “You must let go of the past and move on. Your kids need you.” “I’m doing the best I can! I can’t move on Yeon Ha. I loved her. I. Loved. Her. She is irreplaceable.” Hoseok yelled and started walking off.

“You’re just scared and feel guilty. I know you Hoseok. But you need to think about this rationally. I know I am asking for a lot. But your kids need you. They need a mother too.” Hoseok stopped in his tracks and let out a shaky breath.

“I’m sorry for losing my temper Yeon Ha. Have a peaceful night.” “Yes, Hoseok.”

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