Boy Meets Evil - A J-Hope x Reader Imagine-Prologue
Boy Meets Evil - A J-Hope x Reader Imagine-Prologue boy meets evil stories

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Boy Meets Evil - A J-Hope x Reader Imagine-Prologue

Y/N POV I looked down into the dark and mysterious waters. They taunted me. I knew this would be painful. I took a deep breath as one single tear fell down my cheek. I didn't bother wiping it as I would be ended in a few seconds. I slowly tipped my body forward, squeezing my eyes shut when-

Hey! Don't do it!" I turned to see a man who looked my age. He had a strong jawline, distinct features. He looked extremely familiar. Before I could figure out who he was,I turned back around and was about to drop down into the deep blue when someone yanked me.

"You won't get out of it so easily little girl." The man's smirk was the last thing I saw before I felt a prick on my neck and passed out...

Author POV "Mommy!" You cried. You turned towards your frantic mother and looked up at her. She was talking nonsense. You couldn't understand what she was saying. You were only 4, after all. "They're coming, Y/N!" Your mother said as she grabbed your hand and dragged you to the basement in your house.

"Now, some mean people are coming and I need to talk to them. Stay down here little one. Don't come out at all. No matter what anyone says to you." By that time you were trembling. "When is Mama gonna come back?" You asked, a single high pitched sob came out of your small mouth.

"I'll come as soon as I can. Never lose that bow in your hair, okay? It was your Appa's gift to you. Wait for me, okay? I'll come." She kissed your forehead one last time and ran up the stairs, not before taking one last glance at you. She shut the door, locking it on her way out.

You waited. Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Then you heard something. Voices. You were about to yell, when you heard a small voice in your head, reminding you of what your mommy told you. But before you could debate whether to say anything, someone opened the door to the basement.

"Y/N, it's me, our uncle. I came to help you." You, being the small minded 4 year old you are, came out of your hiding. "Where's my Eomma?" I started to cry. The man came and picked me up. "Y/N... I'm sorry. She's gone. Someone bad killed her. But we'll get revenge on them. I promise you that."

You didn't hear what he said after you heard that your mother was gone. You sobbed silently as your supposed uncle carried you towards a helicopter. You knew one thing. Whoever killed your mother would pay.

From the young age of four, your mind was rotten. You grew up in the agency and they trained you to be the best agent possible. You were taught not to question them. Not that you did. All you cared about was avenging your mother from the terrible gang that killed her.

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