Admit it |Shownu Imagine Oneshot|
Admit it |Shownu Imagine Oneshot| monsta x stories

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Requested by @jayparkswife

Admit it |Shownu Imagine Oneshot|

It started simply. Racing one another to get to the good washer in the laundry room in your apartment complex; Seeing who would get home first to park in the closest parking space while the other had to park by the next building over; Who could play their music the loudest before getting a call from the leasing office with a noise complaint.

They were all just silly games that you played as you got to know one another over the past few months but you loved them. Though it may sound like a rivalry, it was actually the complete opposite. You were quite smitten for Hyunwoo as was he for you.

Asking him to come over for dinner was another form of a challenge and he accepted that defeat rather gracefully, though he had wanted to be the one to ask you over for dinner first. He let you have the upper hand though because he was planning on winning the next round which was asking you out officially.

You let him win when he plucked up the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend but stole back some of his thunder when you were the first to kiss him. He wasn’t mad though, how could he be? It was impossible to be mad with you wrapped up in his arms and your lips pressed against his own.

That was a shared win. Tonight, sitting on Hyunwoo’s couch, you were about to reveal a weakness to him that you knew he would capitalize on.

It was driving you crazy because you could tell he suspected something was off by the tense posture of your body but you weren’t going to give in and admit anything.

Even if you wanted to burrow into his chest and hide beneath a blanket while he holds you and protects you from the imaginary boogeyman this movie is making your mind conjure.

Are you sure this movie isn’t too scary for you?” He asked with a quirked brow, a light smirk gracing his features. He knew you were scared but you were too stubborn to admit it though he was certainly going to try to get it out of you.

"Nope,” You reply a little too firmly to be convincing, “I love scary movies.” ‘Uh-huh’ Hyunwoo murmured to himself with a quiet chuckle. You were absolutely full of shit and he knew it.

Your eyes were glossed over and the hair was standing up straight on your arms. You flinched every time there was a sudden noise and he caught you physically shuddering at the sound of the eerie music played in the background.

Hyunwoo leaned over to his right and flicked off the lamp, making you jump out of your skin. “Sorry,” He muttered, “It was too bright, is this more comfortable?” He asks sweetly, trying his best to coax the truth out of you.

"Yeah, that’s much better,” You lie and he mentally applauds your dedication, “Thanks, babe.” Hyunwoo eyes you from the side and smiles. He loves everything about you, especially your stubborn, competitive nature. You always keep things interesting in all the best ways.

When he catches you jump again he silent slides his hand across the seat and captures your own, lacing your fingers together. He knows you’re going to hold out as long as you can and he can’t help but want to comfort you anyway.

You look down at your intertwined hands and then to Hyunwoo who is silently watching the screen and you can’t help but melt into the cushions a little due to his sneaky affectionate gesture.

You scoot closer to his side, settling your linked hands in his lap and he turns briefly to press his lips to your temple, making your lips curl into a satisfied smile. “Say it,” He whispers, breath ghosting over your skin.

"I hate scary movies,” You roll your eyes, burying your head into his shoulder. Hyunwoo’s body shakes with quiet laughter, “I knew it! I do admire your determination to hide it though,” He replies sincerely, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you gave in.”

You shoot him an unimpressed look and it only makes him want you closer so he releases your hand to wrap his arm around your shoulders, tucking you into his side fully.

"You know I love being right, don’t you?” He laughs and you attempt to pull away to pout but he anticipates your reaction and tugs you into his lap, his lips finding yours and stopping any bit of protest about to come from your mouth.

You suppose it’s okay to give in to him sometimes because, in the end, he is yours so you’re the real winner anyway.

Hope you liked it! (This was requested by @jayparkswife)💕

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