How I decided to be Pirate
How I decided to be Pirate journey stories

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A start to a different life

How I decided to be Pirate

I have always longed to go to the ocean. Every day I would go to the pool and stay in the water. It was the place where I felt the calmest. I was able to find another home in the water.

One hot summer day, I decided I would sail the seven seas. Till I found a piece of land I could call home. The only issue with sailing the seven seas was that I have never sailed before.

Not to mention my fear of the actual ocean. Since I couldn't sail the seas in real life, I sailed in my dreams.

I imagined a world in my mind, with me as a pirate and my travels to mysterious lands. I would explore labyrinths and ancient ruins for treasure and clues to the mirage called home.

Truth was I had already found home with my ship and my crew.

Thank you for reading!

Remember to always look out for the home you've already found.

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