An Unexpected Guest
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A stranger arrives at our characters house with a new opportunity at change.

An Unexpected Guest

"Bloody hell," I cried out as I rolled from side to side on my hard bed. Something was wrong with me, I could feel it; I was being forced to feel it by the insufferable pain in my chest.

My insides seemed to burn and my vision was splotchy. "Ugh, I want to die!" I groaned. Suddenly I was jerked back to my senses as the bell rang 'Ting Tong'.

I rolled over to look at my digital clock. With bright neon red block letters, it announced 3:00 am.

Why would anyone knock on my door at this time of the night? With a slight mix of fear and confusion, I forced myself under the covers, laying as still as I can.

'BANG! BANG! BANG!' whoever was on the other side of my door will not let me enjoy my excruciating heart discomforts. With a sigh I got up from my bed.

I straddled across the pitch black room except for the silhouettes of all my furniture formed by the shiny silver moonlight peeking in through my curtains.

I walked down to the first floor when I heard it. Crap! Someone's in my house.

I should seriously turn on the light, isn't that why everyone in horror movies die? But then again, I don't want the intruder to know I'm home.

Right then, to my left the living room light started to flicker and caused me to jump nearly back to my room upstairs.

With my whole body shaking and my internal agony now withdrawn, I slowly stumbled into the den.

"Oh hey, I hope you don't mind I let myself in," came a deep voice, "But you ARE partly in fault. You see, the concept of a doorbell is to-"

I screamed out mid-sentence and ran to my kitchen to get my biggest knife- forgetting that 999 is a number I could call. I grabbed my sharpest knife and ran back into the living room.

When I realized that I still haven't found a source to the chilling voice.

"Okay look, I've had a long night of work. I don't want to deal with your paranoia bull crap now.

Just give me the knife-"with that sentence I looked up to see a dark figure sitting on my sofa staring directly at me.

And with a surprised howl I noticed the knife had disappeared from my hands and was not held by a scrawny thin set of pale hands.

"What do you want? How'd you do that? Who are you? What the he-"I kept stammering out questions as the dark figure stopped me.

"Please take a seat and allow me to impale myself, and prove to you that it won't work" and with a swoosh motion it drove the knife right into its body, "ouch, boohoo."

I was taken by shock as I fell to floor, speechless. The figure got up from the single sofa and walked, no rolled over to my smoothly. And handed me a small card.


Working under: afterlife services

ID: 030898

Please remain calm and let us take care of all your needs'

"Hi, I'm death. I'm here to collect your soul or whatever you humans call it. It's my duty to make you feel at utmost comfort on your journey to the afterlife.

And I guarantee you that you're getting the best service- bla bla bla. I'm sure you get the jest of what I mean."

"wh-what are um what, i-I don't underst-"I looked the person up and down. He was definitely insane. Tall, pale, and skinny.

A bony face with dark circles under a hidden - by the shadow of the hooded black cloak - pair of eyes.

Sharp cheekbones created a frightening yet magnificent structure on his face, leading down to dark yet chapped lips. His face was long and oval shaped.

The rest of this body covered by a long cloak that lead down to my carpeted floor.

He sighed and sat down beside me, "look, I understand that this is hard to take in. I've been doing this for so long that I keep forgetting about the humans 'feelings'.

Actually, you are my last customer for tonight, so you can take your time.''

Even though all the windows were closed, I felt a cool wind rush past us. I tried to grasp my thoughts but everything was running as fast as trains.

We both sat so silently, yet I couldn't hear my heart beating.

"um, so uh- how? How did this come to this?" I asked as I gulped down air.

"uhh, wait-"he started as he pulled out a piece of paper from under his clothe, "oh right yeah, mistreated cardiac heart disease."

I laughed and looked down in shame. "How ironic, I'm a heart surgeon!"

Death cracked a smile of sympathy. "Whenever you're ready, let's figure out the positions. Now I was thinking something like you're on a rocking chair or-"

"What are you talking about?" I looked up at him with curious eyes.

"You know, where everyone will find your body."

"Right yeah, um- I've never thought about it, but I like the rocking chair one. Maybe a poetry book in my hand? I have some Tagore books." I replied sadly.

"Yeah sounds good. So... are you ready?"

I sighed and stood up. Death got up with me and we walked out of my house silently. Outside, the moon was big and rounded, like an eye. The night was chilly and nice.

I felt sorrowful and happy at the same time. I did not know where I was going, but at least I was going somewhere.

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