9 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Company
9 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Company or Join a Startup stories

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I'm Adam, Co-Founder of CampusKudos, previously Emjoyment, Googler, recovering i-banker, UPenn Alumn.

I returned to Google, where I previously worked, about a month ago to have lunch with my old team. The team was unrecognizable besides a handful of familiar faces. Everyone had left to “do their own thing.” It made me wonder…
Is “doing a startup” the new Google?

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9 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Company

or Join a Startup

1. No Spare Time

Even when you’re not at your desk or working directly on growing your company, you‘ll be thinking about your baby, your startup.

2. A miserable existense

A friend of mine described entrepreneurship as a “miserable existence”, an itch that you just have to scratch… but not everyone has the itch.

3. Tax Benefits ?!?

Seriously? $0 Income * x% Tax = $0. That’s not the tax benefits you want. Please don’t start a company for the tax benefits. You’ll end up in ESPN’s NOT Top 10.

4. Kicks your pride straight in the balls

If anything, startups will test your pride, as you’ll be forced to put your name behind half-baked prototypes and dubious marketing efforts.

5. Your Posterity

Truthfully, I had to double-check what this one meant. “But if you own your own business, that’s something you can pass on to the next generation.”

6. You're fired!

Most companies hire slowly and fire slowly — the exact opposite of best practice for startups.”

7. Zero Financial Independence

Being 100% reliant on bootstrapping or raising capital or taking years to become cash flow positive is probably not the financial independence you were looking for

8. Goodbye Nice Things

If you’re the type of person who has an Equinox membership, you’ll probably trade that in for a $9 per month Gold’s Gym membership soon. Sushi Dinners? How about Ramen?

9. Social Life? What Social Life?

I’m glad I get along great with my team. Not that I have much of a choice, because the startup world can be a lonely one.

Still interested in doing startups?

Good, then let’s connect. We’re looking to grow our team at CampusKudos and want to work with people who love adversity

Email me if interested at adam@campuskudos.com!

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