The Same Old Songs
The Same Old Songs music stories

adambennell Community member
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A poem about the timeless purpose and feelings of music.

The Same Old Songs

I keep listening to the same old songs

But I wonder if their meaning has been and gone

They're doing something called the twist

Could it be that it's really missed?

A record crackles "I want to hold your hand"

Seems strange to sing about with your band

Somehow they're getting good vibrations

Even though it's all my generation

But Whose generation really is it?

I don't even know how I would dig it

But I keep listening to those same old songs

And I know that somehow they still belong

I know a change is still gonna come

Maybe it will be at the beat of a drum

Some of us will always be born to run

Because sitting still is no fun

If she loves you, you know you should be glad

And music will always bring love when times are bad

Sometimes you've just got to start dancing in the street

It doesn't matter when it's from if it makes you move your feet

So I'll keep listening to the same old songs

May they last, everlong.

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