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adambennell Community member
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God I miss it

Friday Night

Its Friday night. Freedom. All day you have been abuzz with excitement thinking about the night ahead, what will happen, what could happen. You've barely been concentrating on work.

More important has been organising the night. Plans have changed several times. At one point the whole night looked in jeopardy, but you've managed to save it.

Your friends that were flaking have confirmed they're coming, and one who wasn't going to be able to make it has had a last-minute change of heart.

All that remains now is to actually get out there and make it as good as you think it will be.

You race out of work and home. This is a well-practiced routine. In your head it's a competition with yourself to do it quicker than last week. The efficiency doesn't stop once you get home.

You laid out your change of clothes that morning and get yourself ready in a well planned and practised sequence.

There is an unexpected phone call which slows you down but otherwise you're out in record time.

The route you take is again pre-planned for maximum efficiency. There's a bounce in your step no other walk gives you. The evening air is cooling and refreshing.

The sun is just starting to sink, painting the sky orange. That energy is in the air. You can hear music and laughter seeping out of many of the houses you pass, and it carries you on your way.

Finally you see it: the pub! Silhouetted against the sunset it stands there waiting like an old friend.

You feel the vibration of sound from the assembled patrons before you hear it properly and smile. As you walk through the doors you are embraced by the warmth and sound of home.

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