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For the people who haven’t found ‘The One’

One Minute

When you ask them

Most people say that they’d rather be alone

And filled with happiness

Than to be with someone and filled with uncertainty

But what they don’t tell you

Is how hard it can be

When you’re loving your independent life one minute

And hating it the next

When you see something hilarious and turn to show it to them

Only to remember that no one is there

When all you want to do is absorb their scent and make your problems float away

Only to be reminded that no one wants you

One minute you’re saying, ‘Hell yeah! I love my life!’

And the next you’re begging them, no anyone, to come to your rescue

To hold you in their arms

To tell you that you’re loved

To tell you...anything

What do they call it? Desperation?

No, friend, it’s a basic necessity

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