The Man and His Below
The Man and His Below death stories

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A man is being followed by another

The Man and His Below

He walks back and forth without care

Desperate to feel the breath of the cool air

Laying on the sill, staring daggers at the Below...

The man looking back is a familiar one

There is comfort, but there is also despair

His heart can decide if he is able to bear

Should he follow the man?

Should he let it go?

Is it normal to sing to the Below?

He thinks to himself “that man is just that”

So why can’t he help but shiver at?

If the man is just a man, why does he let him have control?

The man is pulling him into his Below

He feels the warm sun put a blanket over him

Shielding him from the man and his waiting breath

The light is telling him it is not yet time for death

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