The Greatest Gift
The Greatest Gift
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He loves her, but she cannot seem to believe

The Greatest Gift

My darling

How dare you think I would ever compare your eyes to something so basic?

They are so much more

They show me what your heart leaks

Cold as ice with a first glance

Then, when one looks closer...

They see the golden sparkles of the sun

How can one not stare in awe?

As they each dart back and forth

Such agility and grace

I sense that of fear

Who hurt whom?

Or are you hiding?

Are you afraid of being found?

My goddess

Forgive me for comparing you to such a cliché

But without my words I fear my loved will have lost

Is there a crime to express my intimacy with such basic syllables?

I cannot help notice that the color of your wonderful tools of perception... Seemed to have been hand picked out of the finest ocean sea

Now I must ask you this, my love

Do you believe what I have stated?

For words are the greatest gift a man could ever offer

Beating even the slightest touch of our eager lips

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