How to Build Authentic Relationships
How to Build Authentic Relationships stories
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How do you go beyond the surface level meetings you have? Here are some tips to have real, authentic relationships! Check out the Flutter app at:

How to Build Authentic Relationships

by Ashley Welch, co-founder of Flutter

To make a great first impression:

Be yourself :) have fun expressing who you are. Dancing, cooking, flirting, being silly. We all have so many sides to ourselves, and should feel free to express them.

The best way to break the ice is to give compliments!

We all love to be acknowledged for our beauties! Whether someone is silly, energetic, sexy, artistic, or sweet, tell them :)

When you release all expectations of others and yourself

it creates an environment to be open and less judgmental.

Although having expectations can be good in some cases,

When you are first forming a relationship, the last you want is to feel disappointed when things don’t go “your way”. In fact, you often miss out on all the spontaneous and unexpected experiences

We started Flutter to build a more connected world

through the authenticity & power of video. Flutter reminds people how important human interaction & connection is, & let's anyone access these connections from anywhere in the world, on a phone

A tip for taking online friendships to in person:

I love to dance, so if I can get them to come along to sweat some expression with me, its a great way to see who someone is through movement. Otherwise, hiking is always a fun and casual activity

Check out the Flutter app & start meeting new people!

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