The Lake
The Lake writing task stories

acpoems I greatly appreciate feedback!
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Take something fun and describe it as mysterious/dark. This is that for tubing! Hope you enjoy, please leave feedback if you have any.

The Lake

The boat effortlessly glided across the water, emitting a steady hum that broke the silence of the early morning.

A rope of considerable length was eased slowly from the stern into the gently turning water.

The silver hull stood out brilliantly against the dark muddy and slightly green water that surrounded it for miles.

The rim of the lake housed clay beaches and woods of pine all covered by the dense fog that had settled overnight.

His skin was thin and pale displaying his light blue veins like an aged stroke of watercolor.

Once wet, his dark rust colored hair turned to a dark brown nearly void of warmth.

Once the boat picked up speed the humming grew louder and a knot in the rope shot clear beads of water up into the air then slamming back down onto his face.

The water was cold and woke him up in an instant.

His eyes snapped open as the water hit, revealing his sea green eyes to the cloud covered sun and sky.

His flotation device jumped as it passed over a wave and the boat surged forward gaining more and more speed.

The lake water seeped it's way down his face and into his mouth only to be spat out every so often.

Below fish of varying sizes swam peacefully unaware of the chaos up above.

The boat circled the part of the lake it inhabited for about thirty minutes before it slowed to a stop.

He sat up and pulled the rope into the flotation device bringing it closer to the rear of the port where the other end of the rope had been fastinend.

His lean muscles moved smoothly under his freckle dusted skin.

As he reached the boat he stood and pulled himself onboard then lifted the flotation device onto the bow.

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