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What’s it like to have a friendship end, when neither parties want it to? How do you feel? This poem is designed to tell you just that.


by A.C. (@acpoems)

For Morgan

Sapphires That’s what I see

When there is nothing else but quiet, stillness

When there is nothing but the cool chill of emptiness

I look upon the mass of blue, and I think of you

How I long to know what you’ve been thinking again What you’ve been up to

Because, I know, that no matter where we are

– Miles apart, immensely far –

We’ll be connected

With friendship, with tears, each time we shed one

But, for this night, I stand

I stand tall, my feet wet with night-time dew as they spread across emeralds

For tonight, all I hear is silence

And that’s all I need; we are connected without words being exchanged

We are connected without sound, without feeling

Without being

For all we need . . . is silence.

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