Protect and Serve By: A.C.
Protect and Serve
By: A.C. black lives matter stories

acpoems Feedback is greatly appreciated!
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I would like to say, right off the bat, that I am not black. I am a BLM ally. This past week there was a shift in the nation, change is on the horizon. (I do t think that all cops are racist and/or bad people.)

Protect and Serve By: A.C.

Police Officers

Police Officers take an oath to Protect and Serve.

Protect and Serve.

You call it serving,

You call it serving, I call it Purging

Purging the nation of the very people whose ancestors built it.

You call it protect,

You call it protect, but I only see you Deflect

Deflect blame onto the victims of what can only be described as hate crimes.

How many people have to suffer?

How many people have to die?

How many more until people come the realization that a humans value is not dependent upon their melanin count?

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