Looking Back By: A.C.
Looking Back
By: A.C. love stories

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The unfortunate reality is that not every relationship is going to last forever. The most painful part of the relationship, for me, is that time near the end, when you can tell what is going to happen. You don’t want it to end but you know it needs to happen. This can be especially hard if you still really love and care about your partner. I hope you enjoy!

Looking Back By: A.C.

Looking back on the letters I wrote,

Every line, poem, and note

Seems to be losing passion at a quick rate

And I'm afraid our relationship will soon meet the same fate.

I really don't want to make you the scapegoat

Because the last thing I want is for me to feel hate

For the man I've loved since the fourth grade.

It’s tragic how love can fade.

I know that I am part to blame

For what this love became,

And I am so afraid

That this problem will not be overcame.

So, if this is the end please know,

That you were an amazing beau.

I wish that I heard more from you,

But I'm sure you have complaints too.

These past few years we both did grow

And I've since learned you reap what you sow.

While that may be tried and true,

I really did, really love you.


Thank you so much for reading my poem, I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave me some feedback if you can. Thanks!

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