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What will happen when Levi Ackerman is brought to the year 2020 and how will the reader react to have humanity's strongest show up on her living room floor out of the blue 1,160 years in the future. This story will cover Levi's struggles with modern-day technology and the pains of his past. So fluff and giggles with some pain mixed in. A warning there will be mature content in later chapters which will be clearly marked. I hope you enjoy the read it will be my first reader insert story so stick with me. Cross-posted on Wattpad

Centuries Man Ch.4

First Aid

Stepping over the thrush hold of the elevator, you held in your tracks as the body behind you was locked in place. Turning to glance at Levi, his face seemed as though he was concerned.

The sudden thought hit you 'Shit, if he is humanities strongest, the elevator has to be all new.' Deciding to put his mind at ease, you try to explain it.

"It won't hurt you, I promise, but we have to get back to my apartment. It is just cables attached to a motor. Easy way to move a lot of weight without so much work.

" you chuckle, thinking to yourself. 'God knows I am not pulling your ass up the stairs. For someone so small he was heavy,'

His rough voice pulls you back to reality. "I am familiar with the concept, thank you. I still don't trust the fucking thing, though." The tone of the comment was monotone and laced with sarcasm.

Turning back to the elevator, you put up your hands, shaking your head, mumbling. "well, excuse the fuck out of me; didn't realize you were humanities smartest now.

" Dragging him inside, you press the number 5, illuminating the button as the doors drift shut.

When the elevator jerks to life, Levi's grip on your arm tightens, smiling to yourself before speaking. "oh, stop being such a baby; trust me, elevators are the least of your worries.

" you noticed him square up his shoulders and stand proud like he wasn't bothered.

It was rather endearing to see someone that was thought to be so strong acting apprehensive and fearful.

With a ding, the doors drift open, allowing you to quickly drag him down the hall and back into the living room. Once inside, you Lead Levi to the couch, sitting him down gently.

Tucking a strand of hair behind your ear with a sigh. "Don't move, please; I'm going to go get the first aid kit." Retreating down the hallway into the bathroom.

Grasping the counter, you stare in the mirror, determining a pep talk was in order. "Ok, me, we can do this. Who cares if he is from the past.

I'm not going to turn him loose in a world he doesn't even know. That would be like sending someone to another planet. Also, who the hell gave him the right to be that hot.

" Splash your face with cold water before retrieving the first aid kit and a wrap.

Gliding back to the living room, he is still where you left him, eyes closed and a hand on his forehead. Clearing your throat, pulls him back to you.

Eyeing the supplies with a raised eyebrow, he speaks. "Are you a doctor?"

Tounge darting out of your mouth as you place the kit down. It was a nervous habit or when you were super focused. "Well, no, but I am pretty clumsy and have no health insurance.

So I have loads of experience." Giving a nervous chuckle, you inwardly facepalm. 'You simple-minded fuck, he doesn't know what health insurance is, nor does he presumably care.'

"I see." He was studying your every move closely as tools and bandages were placed neatly in a row. "So does water.

exist here, or shall I go thirsty?" The words fell from his lips in a rather snarky tone.

jaw clenching at his tone, turning with a smile, you address the question with a sarcastic reply. "No, all the water on the planet dried up years ago; we just learned to live without it."

Rolling his eyes at your smart-ass response. "You know if I weren't in so much pain, I would throttle you, brat. May I please have a drink."

Your brain short-circuited when he spoke, 'God, yes please!' Shaking your head to clear it before wordlessly going to the kitchen. As you fill the glass with ice-cold water, your mind wanders.

'where the hell did that come from? He is like 2,000 years old or some shit.' walking back into the room. You take in his outward appearance. Could anyone blame you, though?

Holding the glass in and outstretched hand for him as you sit on the coffee table between his knees. Once your hands were free, you set to work on wetting a cloth with alcohol.

The gash beside his lift eye was the first order of business. "This is going to sting, ok." A simple nod of his head was clear enough for you.

Gently pressing the cloth to his temple, he winced and growled at you.

"Fuck brat, that hurts." He took a deep breath as you wipe away the dried blood.

You were watching him out or your peripheral vision. "Well, I did warn you." Getting it completely clean, you inspect the open wound. "Good news, it doesn't need any stitches.

Just a quick bandaid and some antibiotic cream." Finishing up, you knew this meant having to inspect else were. 'welp here goes nothing.'

"I um need you to remove..." Pointing to his torso. "Your jacket and shirt." A bright shade of red appeared on your cheeks as Levi raised his eyebrow.

"Is that so? Are you sure you just don't want to see me naked?" Before you could respond, he stood in front of you, cloak and jacket folded on the couch.

It was like time was moving in slow motion as he reached for his cravat, pulling it free. Casting it to the side before unclasping the leather strap that ran across his chest.

Sliding the gear off his shoulders, allowing it to hang from his waist. With every button, you struggle to hold on to sanity.

As the garment slips from his body, you take notice of the extensive bruising on the right side of his ribs. Mostly likely a few cracked or bruised ribs.

Picking up the ace bandage, you motion for him to sit. "I know it might hurt, but could you please put your arms up so I can wrap this easier.

" His hands slowly raised above him with a wince to distract him from the pain you decided to get more info.

"So you said your name is Levi? I saw on your cloak the last name Ackerman. Is that correct?" watching him closely as you continued for any signs of a lie.

"Well, that's what my mother called me till the day she died. What do they call you, brat?" Feeling his eye bore into you was making you nervous.

"My family calls me (F/N) (L/N). I don't care for it much, but it is what I was given.

" you look up at him with a smile pulling the wrap around him once more and reaching for the pins to hold it in place. Once secure, you stand up. " you can put your arms down now.

Does it feels a little better now?"

As you clean up all the unused supplies placing them back in their exact place, you hear him stand. As he walks around the living space touching everything and picking up pictures, he utters.

"I think it's a lovely name." The heat from earlier once again raises to your cheeks.

Shaking the embarrassment, you bluntly ask, "So how the hell did you get in my apartment?" He stops abruptly, turning to face you with a look of confusion on his face.

Eyebrow knit together, and eyes cast to the ground as he spoke. " I'm not sure. One minute I was on the battlefield with my troops, and the next, I was awakened by your gentle touch."

Processing his words before scoffing. "You know when I prayed for a man to fall into my life, this is not what I ment or expected.

" Trying to wrap your head around what he said was just too much at this moment. Your train of thought was broken by growling in your abdomen, signaling hunger.

'Well, I suppose it is dinner time, and my guest is probably hungry.'

"Say it is almost dinner time. Would you like something to eat?"

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