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What will happen when Levi Ackerman is brought to the year 2020 and how will the reader react to have humanity's strongest show up on her living room floor out of the blue 1,160 years in the future. This story will cover Levi's struggles with modern-day technology and the pains of his past. So fluff and giggles with some pain mixed in. A warning there will be mature content in later chapters which will be clearly marked. I hope you enjoy the read it will be my first reader insert story so stick with me. Cross-posted on Wattpad

Centuries Man Ch.3

It can't be


His body was aching; the last thing Levi remembers is watching Hanji and the troops fighting that abnormal. Now everything was black, and he couldn't move. 'Great, I'm still unconscious.

' feeling the feather-light touches dance over his body, he wondered, 'Am I in the hospital? This nurse better be cute and clean.'

His eyebrows knit together as the muscles in his abdomen twitched. When the small feminine hand came to rest on his head, the nagging pull of consciousness snapped him awake.

Gasping for air as the bright light stung his eyes, his hand moving of its own accord gripping tightly to the poor girl's wrist.

Hearing her wince in pain was a forgotten thought as the environment around him came into focus.

Heart starting to race; he didn't know this place. It looked nothing like anything he had seen before.

Drawing his gaze to the woman whose arm he still held in a death grip, she looked just as startled as him. 'what do you have to be shocked about? You kidnapped me.

' Her eyes were striking though a lovely hue of (E/C). As his eye dare to wander down her body, he took in her state of dress. The style of clothes was typical, a t-shirt and pants.

What threw him was the pattern on her black t-shirt 'is that a cat? If it is, the poor thing is way to fat.' she dared to speak, which pulled him from his thoughts'

"wh...who are you? why are you in my house, and what do you want?" The words coming out in a rush as if she didn't say them now, she never would.

Levi thought for a minute, 'perhaps I should answer her question, but only after I get some answers first.' Trying to speak, his throat was parched, the words coming out broken.

"Where am I?" The girl's expression changed to that of confusion before answering.

"My apartment?" furrowing her brows at him as she wiggled free of his clutch, leaving his arm to crash to the floor.

'What the fuck is an apartment' the word was foreign but being a smart man, he concluded that was another word for living quarters.

Daring not to move his aching body yet he continued to question. Removing the hand that remained on his blade, seeing as this girl wasn't a threat to him.

"Ok, so where is here?" That was the million-dollar question. He knew this wasn't home, but the next words shocked him to his core.

"Uh, Where is Florida the year 2020.

" she shook her head, the remainder of her words hardly a whisper " God, how hard did you hit your head?

" blocking out the words completely as his eyes fell upon a door just a few feet behind the girl. Adrenaline kicked in. 'I have to get out of here; this girl is crazy.

' He shot up off the floor like a rocket. The pain surging through him went unnoticed as his feet made a beeline to the door.

As he bursts into the hall, she was close behind, concern in her voice.

"Hey, I don't think you should be running!" keeping at his breakneck speed, a dinging sound from his left drew his attention. A man in a business suit stepped out of the elevator.

'What is that he is holding?' A women's laughter was admitted from the strange box, causing Levi to jump to the side as he passed by, bashing his shoulder off the wall.

'Good lord, what is wrong with these people that poor women was trapped!' The man was cursing him for making his coffee spill. The girl following close behind gave a quick apology.

'Don't say sorry to the heathen little witch.'

Yes, witch, that is what this girl was had to be; it was the only rational thought in his brain. seeing the stairs was a common sight. 'There has to be a way out if I go down.

' Taking the stairs two at a time, he had to admit this girl had stamina. Reaching the ground floor, he threw the door open and froze in the lobby.

Everyone stopped moving and was staring as if they have never seen another human; a mother pulled her child close as an older man approached from his left.

His vision focused on a wall of glass and metal a few hundred feet away. 'That must be the way out; if not, I'll just breakthrough and be out anyway.

' Taking off at a full sprint lowering his shoulder and head just in case he crashed through it.

The girl trailing behind came to a screeching halt as he reached the door. 'That's right, little witch, not today I am home free.

' Thankfully the doors parted around him; once on the outside, a cool breeze greeted him; slowly raising his eyes, they adjusted to his bright surroundings.

The road was full of cars, and people passed by on bikes. As he took in the buildings on all sides, his knees hit the pavement in defeat, hands in his lap.

Turning his gaze up upon the only constant and familiar thing, the sky. The first few drops of rainwater splatter his cheeks; he let out a laugh. 'Perfect'

Hanging his head, hearing the door open and footfalls stop a few feet behind. Only one word left his lips, "Levi." The women behind him were confused and uttered

"I'm sorry, what?" He cleared his throat and spoke louder as the rain started to fall in sheets.

"you wanted to know who I am." turning his head to look over his right shoulder. "My name is Levi, captain and squad leader in the scout regiment.

" The look of significant shock on her face told him this witch knew more than she let on.

As the next words left her lips, all he could do was agree. "Maybe you should come back inside." As he stood, the pain shot through his body as if he were a lighting rod.

Dropping to his hands and knees, the young women quickly helped him up, using her body for support as they walked back inside, stopping in front of two steel doors they slid open with a ding.

'Great today, I die.'

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