Centuries Man Ch. 6
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What will happen when Levi Ackerman is brought to the year 2020 and how will the reader react to have humanity's strongest show up on her living room floor out of the blue 1,160 years in the future. This story will cover Levi's struggles with modern-day technology and the pains of his past. So fluff and giggles with some pain mixed in. A warning there will be mature content in later chapters which will be clearly marked. I hope you enjoy the read it will be my first reader insert story so stick with me. Cross-posted on Archive of our own

Centuries Man Ch. 6

New Discoveries

Levi observes curiously as you moved about the house. After ten minutes, you proceeded to join him on the couch with plates and glasses in hand.

The aroma of the pizza causes a growl to erupt from deep within. Leaning in as you open the box, he promptly sat back when you thrust a plate at him.

"This doesn't look edible." Peeling a piece of pepperoni from the slice, holding it up. " What even is this circle?"

You choke, trying to hold back a laugh at his absurd curiosity. "That circle is call pepperoni. It is perfectly fine to eat." Watching him shake the offending piece of meat, you smile.

"Levi, it is pork....you know meat. just eat it."

His eyes grow wide at your statement. "Meat? How much currency did you forfeit for such a luxurious meal?!" Watching you jump at the rise in volume, he stares at you, expecting an answer.

Placing your plate down and turning to him. " Listen, Levi; it wasn't that much. Here in my time, meat is easy to come by." you shrug at his shocked expression.

"Also, before you ask, the white stuff is cheese, and the red is crushed up tomatoes with spices. It is sitting on bread. I wouldn't try to poison you now eat it is better hot."

He gently places the meat slab back from where it had been plucked as you fill a glass with brown fizzy liquid.

" What is that?" slowly taking a bite and examining the slice, he shrugs and digs in.

"Well, it is called soda or pop, depending on where you are located in the continental US." Sliding the glass over to him before taking a sip.

Levi gently grabs the glass sniffing its contents, the bubbles popping and splashing his nose. Shaking his head like a dog that just got its nose bopped, he quickly sits it down.

"I am not drinking that. I will eat the pizza, but I refuse to willingly put some fizzy, bubbly fluid in my body."

Rolling your eyes mouthful, you mumble. "You know, for as tough as my history books made you seem, you sure are a picky baby." wiping the corner of your mouth, turning to face him.

"Ok, your royal highness, what shall this slave fetch for you to quench thy thirst?"

Levi was giving you a look of 'you have to be fucking kidding me.' It was his turn to roll his eyes. "Well, I would fancy a cup of tea. Earl Grey with lavender if you have it."

Downing the remainder of the glass before standing and bowing. "Yes, my lord." Going to the kitchen to your right and digging for the box.

Fortunate for him, you rather enjoyed tea and had an extensive collection. With your back turned, he picked up the abandoned glass of caramel-colored liquid, taking a swig.

Sitting the glass down, he thought to himself, 'It wasn't too bad perhaps I am being a baby.

' Watching you slam things about and fill the glass with hot water, he decided instead of admitting his being wrong; he would take the opportunity to correct your past statement.

"More like a dog." As you turn your attention back to the man, he brings the glass to his lips, taking a drink.

"What an asshole here I am making him tea, and he is gonna drink that anyway.' Trying your best not to lose your cool as you reply, "I'm sorry.

What did you say?" Making your way back to the couch as Levi clears his throat.

"You said, 'let me fetch that,' which makes me think of a dog, not a slave. So I guess that makes you my loyal dog." Gingerly taking the teacup leaving you speechless, he takes a sip.

" MMM, thanks, pet."

All you could do is nod and take your seat. Not often did someone take the words from you, but that moment did it.

'Well, if he wanted to act smug, maybe I can take him down a peg by frightening him again.'

Slowly reaching for the remote laying next to you as he continued to eat. Laying in wait till the teacup graced his lips to switch on the TV.

As the sound of police sirens penetrated the air around you, Levi tossed the cup and dove for the floor. 'That would be a bitch to clean up but worth it.'

Looking down at him on the floor, you smirk at him then laugh. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I scare you? By the way, no dogs on the couch." picking up your plate to continue enjoying dinner.

After a few moments, Levi slowly crawled back up onto the couch. "Oi, I'm the dog now? May I ask how the hell that works?"

Wiping away any crumbs of food, you focus on the program in front of you. "Well, that is simple; you have always been the dog.

Weren't the Ackerman's tasked with protecting the king like loyal dogs?"

His expression was one of shock. " Yes, that is correct. Question how do you know all this? If you knew all this, why ask who I am?"

You chuckle. "Tell me, Levi, how man people pop up in your time from the future?"

"Well, none, I suppose" He shrugs and goes back to the soda now that the tea was all but wasted.

"Exactly, so the likely hood was not good. I know all of this because it is my history.

We are taught in school of the great warriors of Paradis that put an end to the titan threat and made it possible for my country to break free.

" Getting up, you grab a map of the world of the wall and bring it over, smoothing it out on the table's surface.

He looks over it, confused by all the landmass and water. "What is this a map of?"

"This is our world Levi. All the lives lost and battles hard-fought are worth it. They have meaning and are remembered." You point to a small island off the eastern coast of the United Kingdom.

" This is Paradis." sliding your finger along the map. You come to land at your location. "And this is Florida in the United States."

As he goes to ask another question, you stifle a yawn. He pauses a moment. "You seem tired. I am sure I can ask these questions tomorrow."

You nod. "Yes, it has been a long day. I should get some sleep." You go to pick up the map and a couple of books you had brought over, but Levi's hand catches yours.

"Please leave this stuff. I want to look at it a while longer."

Smiling at him, you agree and go to put the pizza away and the dishes up. "I will see you in the morning; please don't break anything."

He waves you off, continuing to read the history book that has captured his attention.

Shaking your head, you make it to your room and get into bed. Just as you get comfy, the thought hits you. 'Fuck I have work tomorrow.'

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