TerraTale 2: New World
TerraTale 2: New World terratale series stories

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Ace and Marcus defeat the Large fleshy wall releasing all light and dark into the overworld

TerraTale 2: New World

today is the day, Ace and Marcus falls through the ceiling and fall on the ashes of the ground, while looking around they see bright fire and lava around, they realise they have made it to the underworld with demons flying around, orange blazing lava Slimes, and bone serpents digging around. As soon as they see the bone serpent digging their way they ran and used their grappling hook and grappled onto the ceiling

with their Nightmare Pickaxes they mine the Hellstone ores, Marcus is busy protecting Ace from the monsters while Ace mines the ores. after gathering enough they used the magic mirror and Teleport out of here before the Bone Serpent crashes into them on the ceiling. as they appear out of nowhere the Guide gets startled. they walk to their crafting station and craft a full Molten Gear and Armor.

as they land down to the Underworld for the second time, they grab the guide of voodoo doll, they drink a lava walking potion and then they then throw the guide voodoo doll, as soon as the doll burns they heard a loud screech from their backs, as soon as they turn around they see a giant fleshy wall eating everything, they bring out their beenades and Star-cannon they fought

as the wall close in on them they are doing everything they can, as they throw the last couple of beenades the wall screeches and explodes with alot of blood scattering, a giant demonite box falls to the ground, a glowing ghost of multiple colors flow out and into the overworld, they collect their loot and teleport back to the house, they walk around and see a pinkish grass with colorful trees.

as the sun comes down three robotic creatures came to Ace and Marcus and tries to attack both of them, within a few minutes later they defeat the last robotic creature, they collect their loot and walk back to their house and fall a sleep on the floor feeling tired halfway from the bed, they wake up seeing the jungle spreading towards their house, they remembered something about a giant plant in the jungle caves that the guide told them

as they explore the jungle caves they find a big glowing Pink flower, "This must be it" Ace says, as they break it they see a flower grappling around, they both attacked it with everything, they run out of the caves and fly as high and stays up as they can while attacking the giant flower trying to attack them, the giant plants die and rot off. as soon as they find a brown key and went back to the house.

the next day they venture down into the jungle caves, they see a brown colored dungeon, he brought out the key and see they key matching with the dungeon, as they enter the dungeon they avoid every traps they could see, they walk into a large chamber, seeing a big box with the key mold in it, they insert the key and a giant ancient machine fall down to the floor, without hesitation they kill it which took a few hours and then was defeated

To be continued (sorry if its not long like the original)

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