lover in the forest
lover in the forest short story stories

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a short story about finding love in the wilderness...

lover in the forest

i remember the first day i saw you. you were wearing a pink summer dress. you had your brown hair pulled back in a messy ponytail and you were barefoot. the sun followed you and caressed you, and it kissed your skin.

you chased a butterfly, and you smelled flowers. you didn’t have a care in the world, and i liked that. you were as free as anything in the forest you were gracing your presence in. i wanted to hold and kiss you right at that moment but i kept my distance. i had no choice but to.

it was getting late, and i saw you yawn. you didn’t want to leave, but you needed a rest before going back to where ever you came from. you could’ve sat anywhere, but you sat next to me.

the soft, warm breeze blew softly and comforted you like a blanket. you closed your eyes, and fell asleep. i moved so the sun wouldn’t bother your sweet eyes.

you slept for what seemed like years but was only thirty minutes. you stretched your arms up, and you touched me. a bolt of electricity shot through me. i wanted you to touch me again. you stood up and faced me.

“thank you for being comfortable and letting me sleep underneath you,” you said softly.

your voice was sweeter than any songbird’s song. i could listen to your voice forever, but that was the only time i heard you speak.

you turned around and walked away. i wanted to yell and beg for you to stay, but i couldn’t. you walked and you walked until you were out of my sight.

i wanted to chase you, but i was only a tree. my roots were too deep. i cried, but no tears fell. i still cry when i think of you, which is all of the time.

i hoped you would return and sleep underneath me again, but you never did. our first encounter was our last.

You were innocent, and I hope you still are.

i’ll always remember you, and i hope you remember me.

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