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a story about a boy


the boy was awake 10 minutes before his alarm was set to go off.

he stayed in bed until his alarm went off and then he stayed in bed for another 3 hours.

the boy finally got out of bed and went to shower.

he sat on the toilet while he brushed his teeth and waited for the water in the shower to warm up.

once the shower was the right temperature, the boy stepped in and stood there until the water was cold.

he stepped out, dried himself, and dressed in a pair of old jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a faded black hoodie.

he laced up his sneakers and headed out the door.

the warm sun dried his messy black hair while he walked to work.

the boy worked as a server at a popular chain of diner restaurants.

the boy was against corporate america and capitalism but without this job he wouldn’t be able to afford the 60 boxes of girl scout cookies that would be his dinner for the next few weeks.

so he, like many others, put aside his ideals and continued to work for the man. even though his many bosses were mostly female.

the boy walked into the restaurant and was blindsided by the most beautiful creation he had ever seen in his entire life.

he stepped closer and got a closer look at the most breathtaking cheesecake the boy has ever encountered.

it was perfectly circular and covered in the reddest strawberries ever. his mouth watered and his heart began to beat faster the longer he looked at the delicious cream cheese confectionery.

oh, the boy was in love for the first time in his life.

nothing has ever made him feel this way and if he didn’t do something now, he would never feel this way again.

the boy looked around and saw that no one was around. he seized the moment, grabbed his love, and ran out the door.

he ran until the restaurant was no longer in sight. he ran until his blood felt like acid and then he ran some more.

every look he gave the cheesecake gave him the power to run.

the boy ran non-stop until he found his way to alaska. he didn’t know he was in alaska until he ran into a sign that said ‘welcome to alaska. alaska why you’re here, but juneau, it’s none of our business.’

the boy felt safe here. free from any judgment about him loving a dessert.

the boy finally stopped running and he walked to the top of the nearest mountain.

he and the cheesecake sat on the mountain’s peak and enjoyed the sunset.

and then the boy enjoyed the cheesecake (which is to say that he ate it) and fell asleep.

the boy was awake 10 minutes before his alarm was set to go off.

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