This Messed Up World
This Messed Up World save humanity stories

aceangel14 SpOoPy StOrIeS
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My insight on this messed up world we live in.

This Messed Up World

This world is messed up. I'm an American, and I can say that I used to think very highly of police and the government. I've grown up more now. I understand that the system is corrupted.

There are police shooting people, shoving them to the ground, running them over, and pepper spraying them for the color of their skin, the people that they love, and their gender.

Normal people are doing it too. White police are killing innocent black lives, and black people are trying to get revenge on the police, but are just killing the wrong ones.

We're just ending life after life for absolutely no reason.

I'm a mix between a lot of white and some Asian, I'm an aroace NB, and I could be killed for not wanting a relationship, not wanting to be my given gender, and for being part Asian.

In fact, in the US, it's STILL LEGAL to KILL

someone who came out to you out of "surprise" and not have any charges against them, and I don't think that that's okay.

I don't think anyone should die for something as small as skin color, love life, gender identity, or ANYTHING like that.

Being mentally ill can also get someone killed, and they can just say that the mentally ill person went unstable and that they killed them out of self defense.

Another thing people don't want to talk about are the concentration camps in China for Muslims. The women are being r*ped, and the men and children are being beaten to death.

They're all being forced to work in the camps and they're being forced to eat food against their religion.

Their hair is being taken, too, and being given TO AMERICA! The world needs to step up and do something because this isn't fair.

This is a second HOLOCAUST and NO ONE'S trying to fix it!

We like to say that we'd learn from something like this in the past, but we're not even sending people to try and sneak them out of those places.

There have already been millions of deaths and so much more destruction of lives.

And yet ANOTHER thing we aren't talking about is the fact that the planet is STILL dying, California is on fire AGAIN, global warming is reaching the limit to safety of our entire species,

and the fact that there are so many people not caring at all.

The world's not going to get better if we ignore it,

and the fact that a whole COUNTRY and CONTINENT was on FIRE should be a clear sign as well as the fact that California KEEPS getting set on fire.

How many people have to be burned alive and how many homes have to be lost before we do something? On top of that, people are ROBBING the firefighters while they're trying to STOP the fire.

Humanity is crumbling and we're doing nothing to fix it. I'm honestly so disappointed to be American, and human, sometimes.

Our generation is so strong for being able to deal with so much at once, and we're dealing with too much to handle on our own.

We've seen the most shootings in history, the death of Kobe, the murders of innocent black lives from the police, COVID-19, WWIII, a national emergency, the biggest job loss in history,

and the rise of many older people trying to make things worse all the time. We will go down in history, and we will be remembered for what we do.

The earth is being passed down to us soon, and we'll be left to clean up the mess that the previous generation created and failed to fix.

We need to use this time to make things better and help those around us.

We need to start being decent human beings again, and finally work together to UNITE, not divide, the world for a better future.

We are the next generation, and our decisions will make or break our future.

Remember, black live matter, love who you want to, stay safe, and make good decisions!

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