A Letter to 22 Year Old Me
A Letter to 22 Year Old Me letterforyou stories

aceangel14 SpOoPy StOrIeS
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When I'm 22, so 8 years from now, if any of you remember me or remember this, tell me that I need to read this, ok? lol it's kinda weird tho.

A Letter to 22 Year Old Me

Hey, I bet you forgot about this letter. I hope someone reminds you to look at this once you're 22, but either way, if you're seeing this, you probably remembered.

So, I have a few questions about life for you, and you should probably think about these since they are coming from YOU essentially.

Ok, first question is this: Did our sister hook up with that girl~? If not, why didn't she?

They would make an ADORABLE couple! Ok, next is this: How did the wisdom tooth surgery go, and how long did you have to wait? Hopefully you were able to contribute some money to speed up the process.

Next is: How did the anime girl Halloween costume go? Did you remember to ask for the gloves, and did they get all of the things you need for it?

Next is this one: Did Dad get the Nuheara for your sensory problems on your birthday like he said he would?

Next is this: What college did you go to, and did you get a lot of student loan debt like people always complain about?

Next is this: How many binders do you have, and do you still have the one from your sister? Next: Did you keep the 5th grade trophy?

I'd say it was your biggest accomplishment, but since you're 22, you might have accomplished better things.

Next: Did you get glasses, or did you just let your eyes suffer in silence as per usual? (You really need to fix that problem, btw lol).

Next: What color is your hair, and how hard was it to get it that color? Next: what's your hair like? Is it the way you wanted it for so long, or did you change your style?

Next: Did you move to California like you wanted, or did you give up on that? Next: are you dating anyone? I wanna know because, well, I want to lol.

Next: Did you keep the dollhouse and dolls, or did that get given away? Next, and probably most important I've said so far: Are you still non-binary, or did you change to something else?

Next: Do you still wear earrings? If not, those expensive holes in your ears, and all of the slight pain that came with it, have been for nothing.

Next: did you get the autism support dog, or did you decide you didn't need it? Next: Do you work for Microsoft in the autism department like you wanted to?

Next: Did you grow taller than 5 foot 3, or did you just stay slightly smaller than you'd have liked? Next: Do you still talk to all of my friends? If not, who did you lose touch with?

Next: What's your favorite color? Mine's purple, in case you forgot all of the purple lol. Next: What's your favorite memory from being 14? Mine is sleeping lol.

Next: Did your parents actually get you evaluated, or did they forget? Next: Are you depressed? I know I wonder that now, so you might know since it's in about 8 years.

Next: Do your parents still love each other, or did they fall out of love? If they fell out of love, what happened?

Next: What does your little sister look like? And what does she act like? Is she still sweet, or is she a tiny menace now?

I honestly do and don't want to know what she'd look like at 16, but I guess it's gotta happen eventually.

Next: what is your most prized possessions? Next: Is everyone in the family ok? I think that's a pretty important one to ask.

Next: Do you do all of the normal adult stuff alone, or do you need help with some of that, as predicted? Next: Do you sleep better now, or is it just as hard as before?

Next: What does your house look like, and did you get a nice one or did you have to settle? Next: What was your first job?

Next: Do you still have aspects of my personality, or am I gone from existence as an entity? Next: Does 14 feel like a long time ago for you, or do the memories come to your mind freshly?

And for the final question so I don't bore you with too many questions: Do you have anorexia like you thought, and either way, how much do you eat on a regular basis?

Thank you for reading this, if you did, and I hope you know the answers to all of those questions. Byeee!

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