Talent Singularity.
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What i think would happen to us in the future and proof that provides evidence.

Talent Singularity.

If you compare the talent of the past with the talent of the present, you'll notice that there is a huge, if not big, difference.

Say for example the adult singer Rihanna and child singer Angelica Hale, they both sang the song "This girl is on fire" but Rihanna sang it as an adult and Angelica did it as a child. Their performances are both brilliant and they sang it well but notice the age difference.

Angelica's vocal cords have given her the talented voice of a adult singer even though she was a child.

Another example would be Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Both are genius both of their work are still used and taught even today but again notice their age difference. There is a 63 year difference between their births.

They both are genius from two different generations contributing big things to this present time. Proving that the mind of the upcoming generations are more open and could learn more plus with all the information from those that have already made a difference this singularity is more of a possibility.

Think about it. The children of the present days do things that those of the past would never dare to do. Need proof? Go to the next page----------------->

Akash Vukoti, the 6 year old boy that went on 'Little Big Shots' hosted by Steve Harvey, and here is spelled a word that not even Steve or anyone in the audience could; that word being, "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis."

And how about all those dance groups on "Got Talent" shows that have kid participants such as "V-Unbeatable". They were on AGT and they did many many dangerous stunts that could kill or harm anyone. The children from the past would never dare do what they did.

My full theory is that one day there would be a time when everyone would have something very unique and special about them that is rarely found in others. The task for us now is to do whatever we can to support and nurture these upcoming talent. So whoever agrees with this leave a like or better comment something nice.

Thank you for reading and I hope you notice your own talent and use it well and please don't say you don't have one; every single one of us alive has one, you just haven't realized it yet.

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