Something I think I should try to do for my Country.
Something I think I should try to do for my Country. fame stories
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My thoughts on how I could help my country and fellow citizens.

Something I think I should try to do for my Country.

Guyana is one presently one of the poorest countries with a lot of the citizens living in poverty and the only a few are actually rich; the rest barely hang on to financial stability so I plan on changing that.

With the growth from the oil and tourism industries, I plan on asking a government official to help bring back the Film Industry in Guyana.

We had it for a while and it wasn't that successful and honestly I don't think it would be more popular but it is worth a try.

This would at least give rise to a few new acting talents and then those actors could stay and help make movies for their country or go global and spread the name of their country and where they came from and how they grow to be who they are.

Guyana hopefully with tourism being more popular and movies being fun to watch for everyone this hopefully makes the Film Industry get the recognition it needs to grow and be a countrywide hotspot for jobs and guyana's fame.

Sadly however that would have to wait till I have grown old and have enough money to support the cause myself along with the government's help since it'll be a government organisation but I hope to do it one day.

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