Forbidden Love Part 2.
Forbidden Love Part 2. sad stories

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it's kinda long but I assure you it is sad and you probably would finish reading in a different mood.

Forbidden Love Part 2.

As I got my airplane tickets and my VISA Card, I board my plane which was headed to 'Fresno Yosemite International Airport' from Guyana. When I was onboard, I told her, " Babe, I'm coming and the plane i'm on is gonna land in a few more hours. Hope I see you there."

As I hear a voice from one of the Air Hostess saying that the plane is about to land, my belly began getting butterflies and I got shy and anxious to see her for the first time.

The plane landed and I exited heading into the lobby to collect my luggage and I head out but surprisingly she wasn't there. No one with her description was there. I began thinking I made a mistake and I was wrong to even come, my brain told me to be brave and continue.

I then remembered I knew how to go by her from where I was so I stopped a cab and told him my destination and we headed to it.

On arriving near the location, she said she lived at, I was still not prepared to meet her even after trying to get a hold of myself for the last 34 minutes.

I walked up to her doorstep and knocked on the door as a male, I suppose is her brother, opened it and ask, "Can I help you?" to which I reply, "Probably, is Mia home?"

And as I asked he responded, "Dad he's here!" Me knowing how scary her father is from the many stories I've heard, I got even more scared and my throat got a bit stiff.

As he came to the door he ask, "So you're the boy texting and poisoning my daughter's mind with your lies of love. GET OUT OF HERE!!! She's no longer gonna hear from you and you're no longer gonna hear from her. I've gotten her a groom that works in a Hospital and I'm sure she better off with him than you. What are you waiting for? LEAVE!"

The door then quickly closed as my heart got broken into billions and billions of pieces. I tried to knock again but no one answered so I decided to leave with my pride and heart on the floor.

The cab I came with was still there so I told him to take me to the closest hotel or motel which he did and it was a cheap on too so I gave him his pay and a fair tip.

I stayed at the Motel and the next day I walked to her house, that' how close it is, and knocked again. This time her brother came out and said, "You're too late, she's gone." and closed the door.

I understood what he meant but there was a part that didn't wanted to believe so I stayed there and waited. I then saw a car arrive with her in it but she wasn't alone.

She was in wedding clothes and as I looked at her I saw evidence that she was no longer mine and that she was gone and I late. With this in my head I began to cry, my legs got heavy and started shacking but as I got sadder and sadder, I walked up to her tell her, "I'm sorry I took so long." and ran all the way back to the Motel.

I then began to pack my clothes and I stopped a cab and told him to take me the closest but highest point.

When we arrived I told him to wait and if I don't return in 10 minutes that he could leave and take my stuff with him.

I then went to the very edge and screamed my heart out and cried nonstop. I did this for a while and returned to the cab. I then told him to take me to Fresno Yosemite International Airport. We arrived and I bought my ticket and waited to go back home away from the place my life long dream got destroyed.

I arrived home and since I still had to teach I put my heartbreak away for my student's sake. I taught them well and would go to the seawall a lot and would cry my heart out every time.

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