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which do you prefer; to live in a world of reality or fantasy?

Fantasy VS Reality.

Love in Fantasies: Mostly end in Happily Ever Afters where you get the one you love and rarely do things go wrong.

Love in Reality: Rarely ends in happily ever afters and normally is never easy to get and keep.

Friends in Fantasies: People who would betray you and stand by your side and help you out no matter what and be shoulder to cry on when sad.

Friends in Reality: Back-stabbing people who would stay by your side while secretly betraying you and leave you mostly when you are in need and you'll have to get better by yourself.

Joy in Fantasies: Found everywhere and is prominent in every thought. It is one of the reasons why we fantasize.

Joy in Reality: Rarely found and is hard to keep with the amount of sadness that fills this world. This is also one of the reasons we fantasize.

Sadness in Fantasies: Scarce and when it is found is usually found or have a good ending which you would love to have and keep having.

Sadness in Reality: Found almost everywhere and is not easy to get rid of. It is a life changing and life taking experience.

Families in Fantasies: Fill of love, extremely supportive and loving. The other members are all good people and they do what you like and is a perfect world.

Families in Reality: Angry a lot, rarely show love but they do love you, protect you when you really need it and is the place you learn everything you know.

So tell me now which do you think win? Let me know in the comment section.

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