2 Days of my Custom Made Home Workout.
2 Days of my Custom Made Home Workout. home workout stories

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By ace_heartbreak

2 Days of my Custom Made Home Workout.

by ace_heartbreak

My chest hurts and my thighs hurt a lot too. I can't lift my hands too high neither can i with my legs. My abs start to get stiffer and when i try to pinch it there is less extra skin than before. My arms at the back hurt too and whenever I try to flex my legs, arms, chest, abs or all of them i feel soo much pain omg but no pain no gain right.

So yeah, on the good side my thighs, chest, arms and abs are beginning to look a bit muscular now. Ig when you do 100 squats, push ups, crunches, and sit ups each with a 8 min run and lifting weight over you head and the two side, you get tired and rip muscles faster to get ripped slower but if done consistently you'll get there and imma do this for a whole month😩.

I must say though I'm interested to see my body when i'm done so i'm not giving up yet and I did this weird thing where I calculated how many times i did everything for a month and if i do them without skipping a day i'll do , 3100 sit ups, pushups, crunches and squats each with a 4 hour and 14 min run the weight currently have no fixed amount so i couldn't get that one.

that's gonna be a heck of alot of pain but what the heck why not, i got a lot time now and besides it'll help me cope with the stress of school so that's good and give a good body with that can do a lot of new hard physical work. So I will continue down this path and i'll try to make stories to update you guys and if you want i could make a weekly post of my progress.

That's all for now and comment down below if you want the weekly progress post. thanks for reading see yuh soon😊✌🏽.

EDIT: so sorry you guys but i'm not gonna do the weekly update.

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