I hope he's doing well
I hope he's doing well stories

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He left a mark in me. Not love.

I hope he's doing well

He left a mark in me.

Not love.

Is hard to explain but a type of mark that I don’t think I could ever forget.

The drugs he takes are his relieve from pain.

He doesn’t deserve to live a life of drugs.

He deserves a life of light.

I pray he finds the shine in his life.

I pray he leaves the life of drugs behind.

Because to me, he was an angel.

And even though he let me down, I still don’t wish him the worst.

I hope he finds a partner that makes him happy.

I hope he find peace in himself.

I hope and I know he will be a great role model for his future children.

But I miss him today December 8, 2018.

But even if is December 8, 2028, he will be in mind.

Not as a guy I like but as a guy I once liked and that made a mark in me.

I will remember him and tell my future children about him.

Because today, I miss him and still like him.

But soon I won’t like him but will continue to think of him.

To be continued @a.c_cortez

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