FEM! Reader X Lev (Part One)
FEM! Reader X Lev (Part One) idk stories

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*WARNING: there is a bit of cursing in this*

Sorta short

FEM! Reader X Lev (Part One)

“Woah is this your team Kenma?” I ask. Kenma, Kuroo, and I have been best friends for a really long time and they have played volleyball for as long as I can remember. Of course, Kenma never really enjoyed it as much as Kuroo, but I could tell he still liked it.

I used to play with them as well every now and then, but I was never on a team. I used to go to pretty much every game they played, but ever since we got into high school I haven’t been going as much. I’ve been trying to make time to meet the team and who plays with Kenma and Kuroo, and now I finally get to.

“Yeah, this is them,” Kenma says. “Oh, hey Y/N!” Kuroo shouts and walks over to me with everyone else. “What’s up Kuroo? How have you been?” I say. “Woah, who is this?” some boy with a mohawk says.

“Sup, Mohawk, I’m Y/N!” I smile. “Oh, wow! Too pretty, can’t look!” Mohawk dude yells while covering his eyes. ‘What a weirdo.’ I think to myself. “Hahaha, your funny hawk-head.” I laugh.

After that weird encounter, I turn my attention to the rest of the team, “Nice to meet you all, I’m Kenma’s girlfriend.” I say, struggling to hold back my laugh. “What, Kenma you have a girlfriend?” the whole team yells. “Y/N! I told you to stop telling people that. Especially when it isn’t true!” Kenma whines.

“Hah, but it’s so funny seeing people’s reactio- woah you're fucking tall!” you turn your attention to a tall, lanky boy. “What the fuck, that's sorta freaky. How tall are you anyway?” I ask. “Who me?” he points to himself.

“Yes, you idiot, who else would she be talking about?” a short, brown-haired kid says. “Well definitely not you, 'cause you’re short,” the tall boy says again. “Shut up,” the short one says again while punching him.

“Pfft- Hahaha, Kenma, why didn’t you tell me your team was this funny? I would have made more of an effort to meet them!” I yell. “You mean more than skipping your classes Y/N?” Kuroo says while laughing.

“S-shut it you dumb-ass, I’m passing the classes anyways, what harm would skipping one or two days do?” I yell, smacking him in the back of the head. “Ow- just cause you’re smart, doesn’t mean you should skip class Y/N,” Kuroo says smacking me back.

“Anyways you still wanna be introduced to the team or what?” Kenma asks. “Oh- yeah” I smack Kuroo back and hide behind Kenma. “Alright so this is Yamamoto,” he points to Mohawk kid, “Yaku,” he points to shorty, and then introduces everyone else.

“Oh yeah, and that dumb-ass is Lev,” He points to the tall kid. “Nice to meet you Y/N,” they all say. "Well, It's nice to meet you all too." you say, not taking your eyes off of Lank- I mean Lev.

There is something about him. Something that is both freaky and intriguing. I'm excited to hang with Kenma and Kuroo's team more often. Hell, I might even think about seeing if they need a manager, but only time will tell.

*That's all for now*

Sorry if this is horrible, this is my first time posting a real story, and it didn't help that I was writing this mostly in the middle of the night.

If any writers have any tips, they would be greatly appreciated so I can better my writing! Also, If you think it sucks actual ass please tell me that as well so I can change up somethings to make it better.

Anyways thanks a shit-ton for reading!

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