Supernatural Obstacles in Love
Supernatural Obstacles in Love bts stories

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Jinmin supernatural creatures AU

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Supernatural Obstacles in Love

Jimin usually isn't too hard to find. He's a typical fae who enjoys singing, dancing, and being with people. A social butterfly. But no one knows where he is, and Seokjin is worried.

Most likely, Jimin's shrunk himself down as small as he can and is hiding to sulk. If Seokjin could just find where he's hiding, he'd tell Jimin that he has nothing to worry about. Werewolves heal fast, and the brief brush with Jimin's silver jewelry was more of a shock than an actual burn.

It always looks worse than it is. The blister was gone within the day. Jimin had immediately recoiled, pulling his arms to himself and covering his pierced ears, looking like he'd just witnessed a murder.

Seokjin had blinked, and the fae was gone.

Criticism is something Jimin always takes to heart, but Seokjin really isn't hurt about anything, and he knows how to fix the issue -- he'd spent a whole weekend bargain hunting for pretty stainless steel jewelry that's just as pretty, if not more than, what Jimin likes to wear.

Because he enjoys the fae's company. And he really thinks he'd enjoy his hugs, too.

Sometimes being a werewolf with an aversion to silver really sucks.

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