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Smooth Operator

Jimin shuffles foot to foot, waiting for traffic to clear so he can cross. A couple of girls in a green car closest to the curb cast glances his way, giggling and blushing behind their hands. The light turns, and Jimin quickly runs across the street to escape the embarrassment of being checked out by strangers.

Seokjin is sitting at a bistro table outside a cafe and greets him with an unusual frown. "I didn't realize I was dating a criminal.

Tripping the final few steps, Jimin catches himself on a chair and stares wide-eyed. He doesn't remember holding up a bank or killing anyone—although Jungkook has been pushing his luck.

Seokjin stands and pulls a notepad from his pocket. "Jaywalking is a serious offense..."

Jimin drops onto the chair. "Officer, please-I was in a hurry to meet my very handsome cop boyfriend on his break. Can you look the other way just this once?"

"I'll let you off with a warning for the jaywalking, but you're still getting a ticket." He rips the page from the pad and folds it. "Why?"

"Because you have fine written all over you." The supposed ticket is folded into a heart. Jimin laughs and tilts his head back to accept a kiss. He jaywalked right into that one.

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