Spirit has a plan.
Spirit has a plan.
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ac_paranormal Community member
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Restless spirt, peaceful spirit. It’s your choice.

Spirit has a plan.


There is a restlessness. If you let it.

There is peace. If you recognize it.

Throughout time, And many masters.

We will climb to the top Of the pyramid.

The human may wonder Is there a top to reach?

Those are the climbers. Some find peace in striving Others kill their body trying.

Does why matter? Looking for why, This can cause pain.

Does recognizing pain and suffering in the instant Dissolve it?

We don’t always need to know why. Today I realize that I don’t need to know why anymore.

Trust That spirit has a plan. To fulfill your wishes. If you take the time To wish them.

Can we recognize pain And not feel it? The masters say so.

By recognizing the uncomfortable We can release it

Just let go. Come on, Let it go And be in peace. You know you want to.

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