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"Elias" "What."




"Take your medicine."

Medicine. Every morning, and every night. Relief, I wish I had.

I wait quietly. No words, no movements. Just quiet. "Do you know what today is?"

"Yes, Elias. I do know what today is."

"Today is Mama's birthday." I look for expression in her face. I see none. Maybe she's gone too. Maybe Mama took her with her.

"We should do something special."

"Mama is gone. She passed away years ago."

That's what everyone thinks. They're wrong. They're all wrong. She will always be here. Always.

"She is gone, Elias."

"No she is not. She is here. She is here. She is everywhere."

"You know that is not you talking. That is the Elias we ignore, remember?"

"Right." A sharp ringing hits me. Should I ignore that as well?

"Let's go. You'll be late for the doctor."

"He is no doctor."

"Yes, he is Elias. Let's go."

On the way there I catch a glimpse of what Mama used to look like. Long, brown hair. Silver eyes. I saw her driving a red van. The color is what made me realize it wasn't real.

She hated the color red. She thought of it as too vibrant of a color. Too loud. I agree.

The trees are so stable, even in the midst of sudden wind. I wonder how they do it- hold themselves upward, with no one there to catch them. Their body must be as stiff as stone.

We arrive at the building, that which they call the "Doctor's Office." He is no doctor. He is no doctor I need.

Today is Mama's birthday. Today she was born, today she died. Mama is no longer living. But she will always be here. She will never leave me.

And this "doctor" is going to take her away from me.

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